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Lavish Nail Acrylics

About our products


                                 About the Acrylic Powder We Use

We only utilize one of the best products in the market . Unmatchable quality for you sculpting . 

 When sculpting it has the perfect flow for flawless coverage. So easy to pick up your bead and it blends amazing with our Lavish monomer giving you that  flawless and buttery application .

                                  What Makes It Better

Our Amazing crystal clear and colored  acrylic powders are so flexible and beginner friendly as well for Pro's , it doesn't yellow or create any bubbles or marbles.

Nail techs will love this formula .

Easy soak off's 

A flawless and buttery finish.

Ingredients ; 

(Poly)Ethyl methacrylate

Titanium Dioxide 


  About Monomer We Use 

 Our EMA Lavish monomer liquids are low odor with a sweet scent , its also  primer less for superior  to work perfectly with our Lavish acrylic powders , giving you a beautiful enhancement that last .. 

Our monomer offers a set time more suited for anyone 


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